Burn-Eaz® 10 x 10 Dressing (Box of 12)


Burn-Eaz® contains 95% Aqua, and a combination of Aloe ferox and Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree), to form a viscous hydrogel that cools and soothes. Burn-Eaz® Dressings are saturated with Burn-Eaz® Gel and are individually packaged and are designed to be easy-to-use. Simply tear open the packaging and apply the dressing directly to the minor burn or scald. If desired, the Burn-Eaz® dressing can be secured lightly with a bandage.



  • A synergistic combination of Aloe Ferox and Tee Tree Oil brings a new dimension to the treatment of burn injuries
  • Dressing saturated with Burn-Eaz® Gel
  • Excellent antiseptic and heat dissipating properties
  • Provides an antiseptic covering and promotes tissue healing
  • Individually packaged